Sensor StripContactless RFID antenna array. Mounts in any rack 
12, 6 and 1 U sections connect  to create the needed length for any rack height
Blade chassis support for tracking individual blades 
Remote LCD or Strip LEDs to indicate events or status
Embedded RFID reader. No complicated wiring to external readers.
Low Power Requirements: 
5 Volt / 75 mA Max Power draw for a 54U rack
Connects  to existing rack controller or intelligent rack PDU sensor portsRack Controller / Rack PDU Manufacturers
Add rack unit (RU) level asset tracking as a differentiation to your monitoring system. Simply use an existing interface: I2C, SPI, RS-232 or RS-485 interface and modify your firmware. Rack Manufacturers
An integrated version is available for creating a IT Asset TagsPassive  RFID ( No batteries to replace)
Adhesive attachment with consistent alignment points
20mm separation
distance on metal
Tag Mounting Styles
Ear Mount
Direct Adhesive
Tether Technical Specs
I2C, RS-232,
RS-485 Interface 
+5v / 75 mA
Controller or PDU firmware update 
Min 0.25”  mounting width 
Min 1” mounting height
Q: What is the value proposition of a physical IT asset sensor?•	Physical audits for compliance and asset management purposes are a recurring cost, prone to error and do nothing to reduce the estimated 25% loss rate for IT assets •	Move, Add, Change and Disposal operations are tracked in real time•	The ROI is less than 3 audit cycles or location searches
Q: How is RACCENSUSTM different from most existing IT asset tracking      systems?•	Unique design drives a low cost to manufacture•	Available for direct adaption to any manufacturer’s existing rack controller or intelligent PDU•	Complimentary feature addition to existing active RFID tracking solutions•	RFID tag identification for each RU is determined and stored on the sensor strip 
Q: What Options are available for manufacture?•	All technologies are available for a license to manufacture•	Exclusive rights to all Intellectual Property may be negotiated
Q:  Is a turn-key solution available?Yes. Asset tracking sensors, environmental or security sensors and wireless mesh network transport with SNMP interface are available as a turnkey solution.